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Engage Consulting Solutions will provide expert guidance tailored to your business or personal needs which will help you consistently achieve your goals, assure your effectiveness and secure long term security and peace of mind.  

Personal Coaching

We work in partnership with your leadership team to identify the best opportunities for improvement within your business. Together, we will identify the "real" problems holding back your organization and develop a strategic plan or "Roadmap" to improve performance and get you headed in the right direction on the road to success. 

Business Consulting

We offer our clients a fresh perspective and help create a clear path to improved performance and better results. Success does not happen by chance:  It is the result of creative thinking, thoughtful planning, determination, self-awareness, personal accountability, determination and the flexibility to adapt to changing landscapes when circumstances or situations require it. 

Helping Families Advocate for Better Nursing Home Care

We provide families with the knowledge and understanding to negotiate the people and issues within any nursing home to ensure the best care for your family member.  We partner with families to ensure that their issues and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.  We offer varied levels of engagement so that families can select the program & service that best meets their need & budget.   Whether its straight, honest information or hands-on assistance, we are there to help you get the professional care you deserve.

New Way

Old Way


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