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 1.   Free Brainstorming Session:  

Partner with your organization's leaders to assess the strengths and opportunities for improvement within your business (may be via telephone, internet or face-to-face). Prior to the session, clients may elect to submit issues, questions or other information for 

consideration to improve the effectiveness of the free session. We will complete a review of the client's available public information.  

 2.   Introductory Meeting:

After the brainstorming session, we will schedule a brief meeting to discuss your specific organizational needs and what services Engage Consulting Solutions can provide to help achieve your goals. If we believe we can help your organization, we will proceed and draft an Initial Engagement Agreement for your review and consideration. If we aren't a good fit, we will tell it to you straight and, if needed, refer you to a trusted colleague who can

provide the expertise you need.  

 3.   Organizational Assessment:

Upon consultation and agreement with you, the leader, we will design a tailored strategy

to complete a detailed assessment of your organization's core strengths and weaknesses based upon current beliefs within your leadership team (Owners, Board

Members, Senior Executives, Managers, Supervisors and staff) through individual and group interviews. The Initial Engagement Agreement will outline the focus, scope and nominal costs associated with the organizational assessment process.

 4.   Leadership Team Meeting:

Review assessment findings, elicit feedback and identify key stakeholder issues to be included in a new or revised Strategic Plan for the organization. Our experts will also 

provide a list of Recommended Solutions which will improve your operational efficiency, effectiveness and bottom line.

 5.   Leadership Decides Future Action and Level of Commitment:



You and your leadership team evaluate the content and value of the services provided by Engage Consulting Solutions and decide whether continuing our partnership will add value to your performance and bottom line.  No strings or gimmicks. Just good honest feedback and recommendations to get you focused and motivated to improve your organization's people, performance and results. You decide the level of engagement going forward. We are confident that the results will be worth your time and investment.  

  • Partner with your organization's leaders to assess the strengths and opportunities for improvement within your business.        

  • Validate organizational goals and Mission alignment throughout the


  • Chart a clear Strategic Plan as your 'Roadmap to Success'.

  • Streamline and Automate critical operations and systems.

  • Empower stakeholders to drive success.

  • Improve Performance and Measure Results.

  • Promote your message, build your brand and grow your base!

Light bulb powered by hand show what Engage Consulting Solutions does for nonprofit and small business clients.
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What We Do
Consulting Services Offered
You Are In The Driver's Seat
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  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Training

  • Strategic Planning

  • Operational Assessment

  • Helping Families Attain  Better Nursing Home Care 

  • Performance Measurement

  • Performance Improvement

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Marketing

  • Brand Development

  • Revenue Enhancement

  • Systems Redesign and


  • Teambuilding Training

  • Management Coaching

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