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5 Things My Grandson Taught Me!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Like most Grandparents, my wife & I 'live' for those precious few moments spent with our Grandson. Naturally, he is the most beautiful little boy on the planet! And he is wise beyond his years (actually only 18 months, but who's counting?). Please allow me to share with you the 5 most important life lessons he has taught me thus far:

1. Daytime is Playtime!

From his first waking moment, he's ready to go! Every experience is filled with wonder & excitement, no matter how simple: Peek-a-boo, hide & seek, wrestling, tickling, making faces & sounds, stacking blocks & knocking them down, throwing his food, dancing to music - it doesn't matter, he's all about playing. And it's infectious when we allow ourselves to join in and play. I wonder just how different our lives would be if we indulged in more playtime throughout each day - at work & at home.

2. Eat Healthy & Take a Nap Every Day.

Only organic fruits & veggies for this kid! I have never seen a young child get so excited to eat blueberries, strawberries & pears. Unlike most adults, he stops eating when he's had enough by throwing his food off his tray. Then it's time to play again, until nap time, that is. We read a favorite book or two while he downs his (sippy) cup of organic whole milk, head for the crib & he lays down on his blanket and falls asleep. No struggles or crying, not this guy. Kudos to his parents for a job well done! And when he wakes, he's ready for more serious playtime. Is it possible that a daily nap could increase our productivity?

3. Don't Be Afraid to Fall.

As parents, we know that learning to walk is full of risks. Like most toddlers, my Grandson learned from trial & error. And with each phase - Holding on, the wobbly 'no-hands' move, taking that first step, then several steps, the quick stop, turning, running, jumping - the familiar "plop" of his butt hitting the floor. Finding his balance & learning to walk & run would be impossible if he were afraid of falling. Who knows what we could accomplish in life if we were willing to let go of our fears & fall more often.

4. Hugs and Kisses are Always Welcome.

Kisses warm the heart & hugs nurture the soul. Doesn't matter if it's one or a hundred, quick or slow. They do their magic, like an invisible force. We could all do with more hugs & kisses every day. Enough said!

5. "I Don't Know" is the Universal Answer for Everything.

Like many adults, my Grandson has a response for everything. Most often, it's that quizzical expression on his face, the raised hands, palms up and the not-too subtle shrug of the shoulders that screams his response to any (or was that every) question: "I don't know!" Where is your binky? Do you want to read a story? Are you hungry? Do you want to dance? Did you poop? Where's Gelb the Elf? Want to take a bath? Who combed your hair? Are you sleepy? Want to go to Grandpa's house today? What will you be when you grow up? Do you love me? Who shot Kennedy? "I don't know" is the perfect answer to every question - when your 18 months old. I just wonder why more adults haven't outgrown it?!


Dave Fielding is the founder & principal at Engage Consulting Solutions, LLC. As former health care executive, Dave is a passionate business consultant & personal coach who believes that every person has untapped potential for greatness when fully engaged with others to achieve success.

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